I hate it, I really hate it... I hate meee, why???? 😭🥵😪 So I'm getting now the correct results. I'm getting the correct number of calculations, too. What else does CG want. Do they again have some totally weird solution in mind that you need to follow to the point? The last thing it might be here may be the exponent. Do the really want me to treat 2^4 as 2*2*2*2? 3 operations instead of one? If so then I want start to fiddle that next exception into the code. I could have solved that in half the code lines but with all that fiddling and pressing into recursin with that exact number of operations they are stepping onto my nerves like crazy. Ridiculous... that's just ridiculous. Next task that is making me want to give up this course (me cursing like crazy: @*#%!$)