Ok guys so i went through lits of calculations only to realise you arent even allowed to change anything here exept for deleting the // of one of the commands. Meaning you can literaly do this in 2 tries without even thinking about it by first deleting one of the // and if it wasnt correct re adding them (or resetting the task) and then deleting the other // . And btw y has to be 14 since x will subtract 2 (the original number stored in x) from y (wich is now 14) and thus x will be 12. then for y it will again subtract x (now beeing 12) from y (wich is 14) wich equals to 2, meaning y is now 2 . then it will display x (12) and then y (2) thus completing the task, meaning that the right command to delete the // of is the second one y = y + x . this is a really cool way to solve the task but as said earlier you can literaly just guess and if its wrong you will get in in the second try, wich is why this task is a bad task that will probably teach you nothing about variables and the order and way they change, since you will probably just guess. Dear developers, if you see this, please change it.