Total noob here to the Java coding world , long time interest. I have tried a few websites/apps that aim to help learning the Java code, however this is the first one I paid for. I don’t have anyone irl who’s interested in this nor online so I’m sorta just stumbling around and trying. My questions are: - Can completing all the courses you offer here enable me and to land a job coding that makes at least $40 an hour in the state of Florida? - What are additional training materials or tasks that can help reinforce what I learn? Concentration can be a challenge but I find repetition and interactive tasks help me learn. - Does any of my self guided training and completing of the course work offered here equate to any college degree? If not, can it be applied to college credits partially? Any genuine positive advice or comments, you can offer I will gladly appreciate. I don’t intend to drop out. I’ve a boot camp class starting in January but wanted to make headway when it started. This means a lot to me.