Create a Music Company class that includes name, has a Director (the director has a name and age) and offers clients to use for a fee recording studio. Customers can rent the studio for a set number of hours per day. It should be borne in mind that the studio has the capacity to work daily, ie. cannot be rented if the maximum number of hours allocated to working hours is exceeded. There is an agreement between the directors of the music companies the price of hiring record studio for 1 hour should not be less than a certain minimum price, which is the same for all record companies. The necessary conditions (classes, member data and methods) must be created to ensure the operation of the Music Company: 1. Possibility to rent a recording studio from clients who pay for its use. 2. Possibility to change the price per hour for renting the studio. 3. Opportunity to check the turnover for the day (how much is the studio rental income) 4. Opportunity to check the turnover for the day in euro and dollars. 5. Possibility of comparing two Music companies at the price that customers have to pay for a 1 hour rental of a recording studio. 6. Possibility of reducing by% the rental price for 1 hour in the recording studio, but no price lower than the minimum price should be obtained. 7. Opportunity to compare two music companies based on the age of the directors.