Priyanka Prasad
Level 2

Namastey!! (hello) from India!!

Published in the Random group
Hii guys!!.I am new to this codegym community and totally understanding and enjoying the way of learning codegym follows. Thank you codegym for coming up with such an amazing way of teaching java. This makes learning so flexible for me that I can study java at any time. as I am new to this language, I wanted to know its scope in future and job availablity.
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Joy Majumdar
Level 16 , Kolkata, India
9 October 2018, 10:01
Hii Priyanka
4 September 2018, 09:45
Hi Priyanka, Good day and welcome to CodeGYM. If you had read through the course material presented in CodeGYM, you would have got an idea on the popularity of JAVA as a technology in the industry. Never mind. Java being a machine independent language has a whole lot of features that we as developers, testers, analyst can use it to our best advantage. Java is everywhere and knowing the basic fundamentals in Java will help you have an exciting career you deem fit. Request you to use CodeGYM to setup your core knowledge in JAVA and upgrade as and when you put your efforts in learning new features in Java. All the best!