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The Best Job Search Websites To Help You Land Your First Job

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No matter who you are, a freshly-graduated developer or 30+ y.o. learner, you must be dying for your first job. But finding your dream job may be quite challenging. When you’re new to an industry, searching for entry-level developer position is really overwhelming. And whereas submitting CV and going through interviews are straightforward enough, narrowing down the best open job positions can be a real nightmare. Especially if you lack the right resources. The Best Job Search Websites To Help You Land Your First Job - 1Fortunately, there are lots of job websites that can help you find tremendous career opportunities. And to simplify this process, we offer you the list of the best international job search websites, and their upsides and downsides.


Although LinkedIn is not only for developers, like some other job websites, it should be among your must-use resources. With 750 million members in more than 200 countries, LinkedIn allows you to check numerous job listings and access tons of useful materials that can help in building your career. You can use numerous filters to find the most tempting career opportunities. LinkedIn is also available for Android and iOS, so you can look for a job on the go.


  • You can search job offerings using filters for keywords, titles, and locations. Plus, you can benefit from the Advanced Search options to narrow down your choice even more.
  • You can get daily job alert emails with newly-posted job listings meeting your search criteria.
  • As a candidate, you are going to receive relevant job recommendations based on your experience (you should write about it in your profile).
  • You can use the LinkedIn app to search and apply for jobs on the go.


  • LinkedIn isn't a job website in the traditional sense of the world, so it’s easy to get confused at first. You may need to do some “digging” to actually find which opportunities exist.
  • There’s massive competition among job posts due to the ads and the posts of well-known companies.

Stack Overflow

Again, it’s not a job-search engine but a fantastic “question-and-answer” website created specifically for programmers of all levels. It’s more like a community that has 50 million visitors per month from all across the globe. The site not only focuses on programming-related questions but also offers tech-specific job listings. The postings include full-time, remote, and other career options along with extensive information about employees. If you’re a beginner, it’s better to add “junior” or “entry-level” into your search query to avoid senior listings and go straight to what you need.


  • It’s a detailed and straightforward platform with many talented HR managers looking for talented staff (no matter the experience).
  • It has crucial community features and a lot of opportunities to interact.


  • A pretty basic interface.


It’s the website “Where the world builds software”. That is to say, GitHub is the platform built specifically for developers. It’s the depository hosting service with 9 million users, and the auditory is growing daily. What is notable, the platform closely collaborates with peers on software projects. And when you need to find open job positions, you can simply search for keywords like “entry-level Java” and your location.


  • Posting your resume on GitHub is very simple.
  • You can find lots of like-minded peers who will help you prerape for the interviews and overcome difficulties on your way (if any).


  • GitHub contains mostly full-time jobs.


Indeed, who doesn’t know Indeed? It’s the world’s largest job board that offers a huge number of available positions, among which you can find developers, software engineers, and other tech jobs. According to Indeed, 250 million people visit this platform every month. So, it provides more hires than all other top job boards combined. Yet, despite its huge popularity, this job search website gives you free access to look for jobs and post your resume.


  • Easy search by keywords, title, industry, and location.
  • You can receive emails with relevant updates.
  • Offers all kinds of work including freelance, part-time, and internships.
  • Indeed has a downloadable app for mobile devices.


  • It’s a no-frills website with a simple layout. Some users wish it could be a little bit more aesthetically pleasing.
  • New jobs appear every second, so there is pretty high competition.


Dedicated specifically to tech and development, Dice is another popular option among IT professionals. Currently, the website has about 5 million members and more than 70,000 monthly job openings from the hottest tech employers. It’s worth highlighting that Dice cross-publishes job postings to nearly 3,000 partner sites. Dice claims to have around two million job candidates using its search. Simple search features let you set precise criteria to ensure that you’ll get positions that fit your career needs.


  • It’s a tech career website for the tech industry.
  • Comprehensive, detailed options.


  • For newbies, it may be quite tricky to find their first job on Dice since it offers mostly in-depth projects requiring someexperience.


Remotive is another search engine for software developers that is worth your attention. The website focuses on remote work and has a simple job search engine. Still, you can find some exclusive job offerings here.


  • Nearly two hundred new job posts appear on the platform weekly.
  • Possibility to join the community in the Slack channel.
  • Advanced filters.


  • No free job postings are available. So, companies are typically quite selective in their choice.


Actually, Glassdoor is more than a job board. It’s a community of tech peers that talk about salaries, discuss interviews, and share company reviews. Employers can post jobs, showcase their profiles and reply to reviews. Over 20 million people visit Glassdoor each month, and being active on Glassdoor can boost your chances of landing your first job.


  • It’s not just a web search engine. It’s the community where you can prepare for interviews and get an understanding what it’s like to work for a specific company (i.e., get the inside scoop on companies with employee reviews).


  • There’s not enough information on some companies. And some reviews are very old, which can be misleading.
The Best Job Search Websites To Help You Land Your First Job - 2

Bonus Resources

Besides the giants mentioned above, you may also visit:
  • F6S. It’s a smaller, community-based job website focusing on startups’ needs.

  • CrunchBoard. The site has an appealing interface and regularly-updated job listings for software developers.

  • JustTechJobs. As the title hints, it’s a job search website for tech specialists. The site also has a lot of useful CV and interview recommendations.

  • AndroidJobs. If you’re going to tie your career with Android development, then this website should be on your list. It gives access to various Android Developer positions, and you can receive instant email notifications once new job listings are posted.

  • Authentic Jobs. Those who want to work on the web should take a closer look at Authentic Jobs. The site has a nice, intuitive interface allowing you to search for full-time, part-time, remote jobs, internships, and more.

  • AngelList. Want to try yourself at a startup? Then AngelList is your go-to place. The website has plenty of entry-level developer jobs at up-and-coming startups.

  • Product Hunt is a well-known website that regularly posts start-up listings at cool companies.

Hopefully, with this shortlist of the best websites for software developers, your search won’t be that tricky. With a solid Java knowledge, a good CV, and a couple of these websites, your job search strategy will help you land your dream job as fast as possible. Good luck to you!
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