package com.codegym.task.task05.task0502; /* Implement the fight method */ public class Cat { public int age; public int weight; public int strength; public Cat() { } public boolean fight(Cat anotherCat) { //write your code here int cp = 0; if ((age > 1) && (age < 6)) cp = cp + 2; else if (age <= 1) cp-=2; else if (age > 6) cp-=1; if (weight < 4) cp = cp + 0; else if ((weight < 20) && (weight >= 4)) cp = cp + 3; else if (weight > 20) cp++; if (strength < 40) cp = cp + 20; else if ((strength >= 40) && (strength <= 99)) cp+=50; else if (strength >= 100) cp+=100; if (cat1.cp > cat2.cp) return true; else return false; } public static void main(String[] args) { Cat cat1 = new Cat(); cat1.age = 8; cat1.weight = 15; cat1.strength = 75; Cat cat2 = new Cat(8,20,63); cat2.age = 8; cat2.weight = 20; cat2.strength = 63; cat1.fight(cat2); cat2.fight(cat1); } } This is the part I am struggling with a bit. I am having a hard time wrapping my head around when to use "this.some_name_here", and where and how calling certain objects in relation to other areas. This code is failing by saying it cannot find symbol 'cat1' on line 49. I have no idea what that means. As far as I can tell I have set the structure up right, but I may have a gap in my knowledge somewhere here. I will write what I think is happening and maybe somebody can point out where I am incorrect. 1) A public class is created called Cat. 2) In that class, there are three instance variable set ( age, weight, and strength), but they haven't been initiated. 3) within the class there is a public Cat() method. (I have no idea why there is a Cat() method here? Not sure what I should be doing with it?) (*note* could it be possible to use the Cat() method like cat1.Cat(8,15,75) to fill in the Cat class fields instead of writing the lines like cat1.age = 15? 4) There is a public boolean fight() method that accepts the parameters (Cat anotherCat) 5) in that method I made a few if statements that add cp points based on age weight and strength (I know this is a bit beyond the scope of the exercise, but I was having fun with it.) 6)At the end of the fight() method I attempted to determine if the cat1 cp was higher than the cat2 cp. ( I am fairly certain this is at least one of the places I have messed up. I am not sure if cp is ok to be a local variable within the method, or if I need to add it to the Cat class. I am also not sure if I am even referencing it correctly if it is ok as a local variable.