I'm just throwing solutions at the wall at this point to see what sticks. While loops do not satisfy any of my missing requirements. My real problem is with the 1000 repetitions, all forms of my solution fail to pass Thread.sleep(1) 1000x requirement, though I know they are repeating 1000 times (0-999). My original form for line 38, produced the right format, no real index relation, but will not validate.
addNote(this.getName() + "-Note" + i)
ex: "Thread-0-Note4" Changing line 38 to
addNote(getName() + "-Note" + notes.indexOf(getName())+1);
relates to the notes index proper, and never gets over 0 or 1. And does not validate. ex: "Thread-0-Note1" Changing the addNote method to
public static void addNote(String note, int index) {
    notes.add(index, note);
and line 38 to
addNote(getName() + "-Note" + index, index);
Throws errors, but is in the correct format and is related to the index that is actually referenced. Separating the run method with multiple for loops smooths out the errors, but also defeats what I am guessing is the purpose of the lesson. And does not validate either.