I had been with Useful links from the Professor – 2 Level 2 Lesson 10 Getting started with classes: writing your own classes, constructors & Methods, method parameters, interaction and overloading In Methods and method parameters Topic There is an example of Truck and Bridge Officer, I tried to combined all the 3 modules(class Truck, class BridgeOfficer, and the main()method) to make it exeutable. But everything just got messed up. CAN ANYONE HELP ME What TO PUT Where, How & Why ? TAKING CARE OF SMALL THINGS NOT TO BE LEFT UNEXPLAINED. The Code Snippets Given as Follows:- #1 public class Truck { int length; int width; int height; int weight; public int getVolume() { int volume = length * width * height; return volume; } } #2 public class BridgeOfficer { int maxWeight; public BridgeOfficer(int normalVolume) { this.maxWeight = normalVolume; } public boolean checkTruck(Truck truck) { if (truck.weight > maxWeight) { return false; } else { return true; } } } #3 public static void main(String[] args) { Truck first = new Truck(); first.weight = 10000; Truck second = new Truck(); second.weight = 20000; BridgeOfficer officer = new BridgeOfficer(15000); System.out.println("Truck 1! Can I go, officer?"); boolean canFirstTruckGo = officer.checkTruck(first); System.out.println(canFirstTruckGo); System.out.println(); System.out.println("Truck 2! And can I?"); boolean canSecondTruckGo = officer.checkTruck(second); System.out.println(canSecondTruckGo); } YOUR KIND CONSIDERATION WILL MAKE ME UNDERSTAND PROGRAMS ARRANGEMENT (THAT IS ITS GRAMMAR IN SOURCE FILE) &ITS FLOW WHICH IS MY TOUGHEST STUFF FOR NOW. Thank You