I just copied some code from others and from the lesson 1 but I do not understand it. Maybe someone can revert me to another source to understand the concepts behind this task? For now a couple of questions 1) Why do we create a variable to check for instance if it has a name. What does it add? Would you just not just getName() and see if it is null? 2) Same question to check if a human has assets. It seems such a convoluted way to check is the array is empty or not. What is the point that I am missing. 3) I'm able to save the human to the file. He is there even though the validator does not think so 😛. But I do not understand what is meant by loading. Is it something different than just reading what is in the file? And why make it again so completed with the isPresent boolean. What does it add? And what is this part doing
Human somePerson = new Human();
            // Check that smith is equal to somePerson
            //why would you want to do that. 2 objects are created...