Going through the topic Constructors Wanted to implement the concept you should not put your program's logic inside a constructor. For the following I tried to Put all the logic in a separate method. printFactoryInfo(). Where I pass a CarFactory object to it as an argument. putting all the logic there, and simultaneously handle potential errors (like one involving zero years). Getting Error as as
public class CarFactory{

	String name;
	int age;
	int carsCount;

	public CarFactory(String name, int age, int carsCount){

	this.name = name;
	this.age = age;
	this.carsCount = carsCount;


void printFactoryInfo(String name, int age, int carsCount){

	System.out.println("Our car factory is called " +this.name);
	System.out.println("It was founded " +this.age+ " years ago");
	System.out.println("Since that time, it has produced " + this.carsCount +  " cars");
	System.out.println("On average, it produces " + (this.carsCount/this.age) + " cars per year");


  public static void main(String[] args) {

       //CarFactory ford = new CarFactory("Ford", 115 , 50000000);

       CarFactory ford = new CarFactory("Amigo Motors", 0 , 1000);