I read somewhere, Java send variable containig object by address and thanks to that is possible to modify directly objects I tried to make this and I don't understand but my returns always return "null" and not the object's address With different System.out.println I could see I success to have the good final point, and for more details my code works like this : i begin at the first letter then i use 2 distincts method : - the first one, line 65, is looking for the second char. I split this method to the rest of my code in case there is multiple letters corresponding to my starting point,like that i can come back and search again. Moreover this method allows me to save the direction to follow for the search of the others chars - the second one follows the direction and : * returns null if the char doesn't correspond * recalls itself if corresponding and if there is others letters * returns the new Word with the ending points For example in line 115 I succed to have : same - (0, 0) - (4, 1) and home - (0, 0) - (2, 0), but in line 88 i have null... Thanks you for the help.