IDE issue: Ever since the tasks started using keyboard input (Level 3 Lesson 8) I'm having trouble getting the test to run on the current task. When I select the Verify task button it just reruns test on the previous task. I've been restarting IntelliJ between each task to get it to move on to the next task like it was previously. Troubleshooting: I've verified that the solution I'm typing is associated with the appropriate task. I'm running the program before submitting for testing. Restarting IntelliJ as stated above. Edit: I'm seeing an error message from IntelliJ: "Unable to save settings: Failed to save settings. Please restart IntelliJ IDEA". Restart seems to have no effect. Message reappears. Clarification: I know that in IntelliJ, to run a new Main() method I need to select the appropriate Main() I want to run, or it will just rerun the previous Main() that was selected. That is not the problem. I have been testing out all of my solutions prior to submitting them for verification. The problem is that when I click Verify Task to "submit" my solution, the verification keeps running on the previous task's Main(). I have no idea how to point it to the appropriate Main(). Even after running the appropriate Main() in the IDE, the Verify Task keeps running the previous task's Main(). Any ideas?