I am having a very difficult time understanding this task. I've worked on it for about 3 days now and I'm still a little confused. I think I understand the concept of using the "this" keyword, though I'm still a little fuzzy on it. It wasn't explained well at all. But what I'm really confused about is why in this task the person object is created BEFORE the Person class. This makes things very confusing, even if it's acceptable to the compiler. Both the person object and the Person class are created in the Solution class, I get that. I also understand that the Person class is static, thus all objects (instances of Person) will inherit the non-static variables declared there. Is this correct? But I got majorly confused about why the person object was being created, and then the adjustAge method is being called when the method wasn't created yet! It's not created until below! Can someone explain this to me. It was my assumption that the compiler would error when trying to create this object and run this method call (if reading the program from top to bottom) because they are BEFORE their creation. Does this make sense? So now I'm assuming the order doesn't matter, but I was hoping someone could explain this to me. Thank you for your answers!