This task is hard to test because the Date stored in the EventDataRow class is taken from the current date, so the only way I can try to have it match the sample output is to have it generate a couple orders right around before and after midnight to get different dates. Or I would have to edit the class constructor and give it fixed dates to use but then I'm not even testing the code I'm supposed to be testing if I do that. Getting it to store EventDataRows with multiple cooks would also take significant changes to the code. I feel that much of the framework is still missing to properly test these situations. Anyway, from what I can tell, the output of both methods in this task seems to be in line with the examples given. I did look at the official solution and the approach is quite a bit different from mine (my getDailyCookInfo method has nested TreeMaps and both methods have custom Comparators). I am wondering if the reason it won't accept my solution is really that it doesn't work correctly, or that my code is so radically different from the official solution. I know that sometimes in the past the latter has been the reason a task won't validate. EDIT: When I view this post, I note that is not visible in the list. There is an icon on the right that should allow you to select from all the files, but at least on my computer, it's directly underneath the icon to switch to full screen. I have no way of resolving this, and it means it's not possible to view that file here. I'm going to contact CG as this seems like a bug.