Hi all, I know that I am asking a lot. But, I was able to get the code working, however, I do not really understand how it is working. So, my thought process went something like this. 1. We make an array with 6 elements. 2. We take the user's input and store it in each index. 3. We create a loop that will go through all of the elements within the array 4. We create a second loop so that the first loop can check each index. 5. If any of the elements in the first loop matches the second loop we would assign that element to null So, I tried to run both loops in the same direction for about 2 hours trying different variations. Then I thought maybe if I try to run it backwards, the first loop will check the last first. But that also resulted in everything becoming null because, the loop will keep checking until it finds a match. So then I thought, Ok maybe if I can break it when it has already been caught then it might work. So the issue that I have is, I am not sure how any of this is working. I have a basic understanding of what is happening. But, if someone can please explain this horrific piece of code to me. I would be greatly appreciative, THANK YOU!! EDIT: So it only works with the predetermined strings(the ones given by gymcode), it does not work for any other combination. I am stuck