As per task requirements: 1. Call the join method on the necessary object. 5. The program's output should indicate that Chump spoke the most during the political debate. So by definition of most from google: Does most mean more than half? While “most” literally just means more than half, it is best used to mean something like 60% to 90%. Below 60% you should consider terms like “more than half” or “a small majority”. Above 90% you get in the territory of “almost all” or “a large majority”. I prioritized "chump" Thread, tuned the join amount to let it speak more than 60% of time, then gives two other Politicians consume remining time to speak. By result of console output it It fully met requirements of task:
Chump spoke 145 times
Dustbin spoke 28 times
Schooner spoke 27 times
By result of verification of my code, the 1st requirement isn't satisfied, 5th is satisfied. Why? Then I checked correct one and found that it executes
So it means that chump will consume ALL THE TIME and not MOST OF TIME... Literally leave 0 time for two other politicians for speaking. Please correct the description of task or verification method.