Greetings, After my fair share of hours already spent on this, I finally have what seems to be the correct output, but the validator isn't accepting anything meaningful. I realize my code could be better organized into tidy little methods. Maybe I'll do that if no one is willing to cross their eyes looking at this code : ) Here's what I believe I have correctly done: 1) Taken in data from some fileName typed into the console, stored it in an ArrayList, then rewrote that into the same file. 2) Acknowledged "-c" as the first argument in the program arguments and initiated the program. 3) Taken into consideration length of each arg according to the specifications and modifying its length appropriately and storing it in new string. 4) Created a new line of data to be added to the end of the file based upon the length and content of each arg. I figure I'll worry about the stupid .close() not working out once I have the more substantial items figured out. Thanks in advance to any heroes out there! Mike