Here is what I have so far:
public List<JobPosting> getJobPostings(String searchString)
  List<JobPosting> list = new ArrayList<>();
  int startValue = 0;
  Elements jobSearchResultItems;
    Document document = getDocument(searchString, startValue);
    jobSearchResultItems =".job-search-result-item");
    for (Element element : jobSearchResultItems)
      JobPosting jobPosting = new JobPosting();
    start += 25;
  } while (jobSearchResultItems.size() == 25); //if not 25, then there are no more pages after this
  return list;
What I am stuck on is, once I identify the elements with the class "job-search-result-item", how do I then identify the part of each element that is the job title, city, etc? Don't I also need to know the classes of the elements that contain those values?