Really lost in this assignment. I am a big guesser. So i just keep typing code till something sticks. This is not good. Not sure how to assign and what i am assigning anything to. I tried going back to the beginning lessons and try starting all over, but for some reason once you complete a task, it says already verified, so i can't even check another solution to the code i right. Right now not even sure what to ask. package en.codegym.task.jdk13.task04.task0407; /* Count the number of cats */ public class Solution { public static void main(String[] args) { Cat cat1 = new Cat(); //write your code here //cat1 = 5; Cat.cat1 = Cat.count; Cat cat2 = new Cat(); //write your code here //cat2 = 2; Cat.cat2 = Cat.count; System.out.println("The cat count is " + Cat.count); } public static class Cat { public static int count = 0; } }