1. The calculateHorsesFinished method must return the number of horses that have finished: Number 2.3 in the conditions says to only count horses as finished if you don't have to wait for them. In main(): while (calculateHorsesFinished(horses) != horseCount) {} indicates that the calculateHorsesFinished() should run multiple times. 2. The calculateHorsesFinished method must call the isFinished method on each horse in the passed list: if(!horse.isFinished) called on each horse in horses. Hinted at in #2 to use this syntax. 3. If any of the horses in the passed list has not yet finished, then the calculateHorsesFinished method should display "Waiting for " + horse.getName(). Example output for the first horse: "Waiting for Horse_01": This is done too. Please help me understand why each of these is not being validated.