Me: Hi! Please check line 16 in the example in this place: I think it's a mistake. I suppose you wanted to say System.out.println(canSecondTruckGo); Thank you. John: Hello! Thanks for reaching out. What exactly example have mistake? Can you indicate his number or do screenshot for me. Me: Excuse me but this site don't me let paste one screenshot, besides the example have not a number. So, I'll write you the code. I think line 16 it is'nt well.
public static void main(String[] args) {
    Truck first = new Truck();
    first.weight = 10000;
    Truck second = new Truck();
    second.weight = 20000;

    BridgeOfficer officer = new BridgeOfficer(15000);
    System.out.println("Truck 1! Can I go, officer?");
    boolean canFirstTruckGo = officer.checkTruck(first);


    System.out.println("Truck 2! And can I?");
    boolean canSecondTruckGo = officer.checkTruck(second);
John: Please, leave your question in the help section and give me the link. I'll give it to the developers.