All works as expected, i tired passing both x,y and y,x and both work perfectly (as the game should) but i cannot pass the two openTile conditions. Any help is appreciated. I also tried leaving everything x,y except gameField[y][x].isMine and still no luck.
private void openTile(int y, int x) {
    // display a mine in the cell if it's a mine
    if (gameField[y][x].isMine)
        this.setCellValue(y, x, MINE);
        this.setCellColor(y, x, Color.RED);
    // display the # of mined neighbors if not a mine in cell
        this.setCellNumber(y, x, gameField[y][x].countMineNeighbors);
        this.setCellColor(y, x, Color.GREEN);
    // set the status of the cell to open
    gameField[y][x].isOpen = true;