This code works as intended. I've run it multiple times and get the correct text printing to the screen. I've printed out each variable separately to confirm that they contain the correct values and they do. Although my code compiles with no issues, I'm getting an error due to a typo that ISN'T there! I'm using the Scanner class to code my solution because the requirements don't say that we can't import another class to solve the solution and a variation of this solution worked perfectly for the last task. I read all of the documentation that codegym provided on the Scanner class and thought it was a more elegant solution to get user input. Has anyone solved this task with the Scanner class? All the solutions I've seen for this task use the BufferedReader Class but if they didn't want us to use the Scanner class for this task WHY INTRODUCE IT? At least tell us in the requirements that we shouldn't use the Scanner class for this particular task if that's the issue. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.