Why does the continent.equals approach work here but not the switch? I don't understand why the switch doesn't evaluate correctly in this scenario. Thanks
static class HenFactory {

    static Hen getHen(String continent) {
        Hen hen = null;
        //write your code here
        if (continent.equals(Continent.AFRICA)) hen = new AfricanHen();
        else if (continent.equals(Continent.ASIA)) hen = new AsianHen();
        else if (continent.equals(Continent.EUROPE)) hen = new EuropeanHen();
        else if (continent.equals(Continent.NORTHAMERICA)) hen = new NorthAmericanHen();
        switch (continent) {
            case Continent.AFRICA: hen = new AfricanHen();
            case Continent.ASIA: hen = new AsianHen();
            case Continent.EUROPE: hen = new EuropeanHen();
            case Continent.NORTHAMERICA: hen = new NorthAmericanHen();
        return hen;