Dear CodeGym Members, Good Morning. I am unable to complete this task and need your help for the same. The last requirement say "The removeAllSummerPeople() method should remove from the map all people born in the summer.". This is the logic which I created however it's not working.
public static void removeAllSummerPeople(HashMap<String, Date> map) throws ParseException {
        DateFormat df = new SimpleDateFormat("MM", Locale.ENGLISH);
        Iterator iterator = map.entrySet().iterator();

        while (iterator.hasNext()) {
            Map.Entry<String,Date> entry = (Map.Entry);

            if( Integer.parseInt(df.format(entry.getValue()))>=05 && Integer.parseInt(df.format(entry.getValue()))<=07)

Would it be possible to please explain what mistake I am doing? Thanks in advance for your help and support. Regards, Sanjay Chauhan