I have a problem with understanding enums and I have an assignment about it and it's due tomorrow. the code must show this output : All books: Book=JHTP6 Title=Java How to Program 6e CopyrightYear=2005 ************************************************** Book=CHTP4 Title=C How to Program 4e CopyrightYear=2004 ************************************************** Book=IW3HTP3 Title=Internet & World Wide Web How to Program 3e CopyrightYear=2004 ************************************************** Book=CPPHTP4 Title=C++ How to Program 4e CopyrightYear=2003 ************************************************** Book=VBHTP2 Title=Visual Basic .NET How to Program 2e CopyrightYear=2002 ************************************************** Book=CSHARPHTP Title=C# How to Program CopyrightYear=2002 **************************************************