I would like to help others in learning, try to explain possible solutions at "help" forum, but CodeGym sometimes makes it impossible. When I try to help, I usually try to correct someone's code because it's better than giving my full code that passed requirements, but sometimes code is so complicated that I would like to test it and check if it would pass the tests, but guess what? I have to pay more if I want to reCheck the code! (It's only available in premium pro) Yeah, really... I'd like to spend my time helping others and I have to pay more for this... I can try to debug and check this complicated code in separate project file, it can compile and output can be good but this not guarantee that it would pass the CodeGym tests, because these are sometimes strange. In such case usally I'm just pasting my code or I'm not helping. The large part of efficient learning and good courses is active community and I know, that we are good community but CodeGym don't let us show this. What do You think about this?