Hey, I don't understand why
else if ((n1 == n2) || (n2 == n3)) {
      midNum = n2;

 else if (n1 == n3) {
     midNum = n3;
is not returing the same number. It is always returning 0. It doesn't work with 4 3 3 or 3 4 3 but it strangly will work with 3 3 4. I've tried to look through other answers to see if someone has had the same problem and they did but the help they got from the community just gave different ways to solve the problem entirely (for example using arrays or *.math) and didn't explain why == didn't work. I know that sometimes there can be an object reference problem that will make it so it won't work, but I think in this case it should. I also tried to use n1.equals(n2), but it just threw an error. Any help would be greatly appreciated!