Hungry Snake

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A long serpentine creature slithers across a limited field, obeying the player's orders (moving right, left, down, and up). And there's no way to stop it from moving. Just don't touch the boundaries or you'll die! And don't bite yourself or... well, you get the idea. Along the way, the creature encounters food that makes it even longer. As it grows, it gets more and more cramped... Stop the madness! You probably recognize this comedic storyline from the famous game "Snake". This game originated in the 1970s. That's when it first appeared on arcade machines. In the 21st century, it was popularized by Nokia, which pre-installed Snake on almost all their mobile phones. Between these two milestones, there were versions for the Commodore VIC-20, MS-DOS, ZX Spectrum, Windows, Mac OS… If you go to Google Play or the App Store, you'll probably find a couple dozen different versions of Snake. It's hard to imagine a platform that doesn't have its own version of Snake. Why? On the one hand, it's an interesting game that is perfect for passing the time. On the other hand, Snake is simple enough to create on your own. See for yourself! Use Java to write your own version of this game about the adventures of a growing reptile. On CodeGym, we've already described every step, which will help a novice player handle this task without problems. Carry on!
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KIN SOCHEATLevel 19 , Phnom Penh
12 September 2019, 06:16
someone know to fix An error occurred: APP_PUBLISH_ERROR
KIN SOCHEATLevel 19 , Phnom Penh
4 September 2019, 13:59
An error occurred: APP_PUBLISH_ERROR
ManishLevel 0
18 August 2019, 12:57
APP_PUBLISH_ERROR!????? just finished the task 19 and its showing the above error;
shabarish kumarLevel 19 , Hyderabad
13 July 2019, 06:17
The draw(Game) method must be called on the created apple. Pass this to the method. it means as shown below only right.
Apple apple = new Apple(7,7);
        Game game = new Game();
Please correct me if I am wrong.
Wouter Van KerschaverLevel 6 , Oostende
15 July 2019, 16:31
both of these ways dont work for me ....
HanLevel 24
17 July 2019, 10:08
You have to take it more literal :
it also took me a while to figure that out
shabarish kumarLevel 19 , Hyderabad
21 July 2019, 04:50
even after passing this is also not working
EwertonLevel 30 , Belo Horizonte
9 July 2019, 19:35
Oh ****, I pressed reset on task 11, it goes back to 1 :(
13 August 2019, 23:05
It even asks you if you want to reset, did you mix yes with cancel?
S V AdityaLevel 4 , Delhi
4 November 2019, 14:50
My sympathies