Hungry Snake

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A long serpentine creature slithers across a limited field, obeying the player's orders (moving right, left, down, and up). And there's no way to stop it from moving. Just don't touch the boundaries or you'll die! And don't bite yourself or... well, you get the idea. Along the way, the creature encounters food that makes it even longer. As it grows, it gets more and more cramped... Stop the madness! You probably recognize this comedic storyline from the famous game "Snake". This game originated in the 1970s. That's when it first appeared on arcade machines. In the 21st century, it was popularized by Nokia, which pre-installed Snake on almost all their mobile phones. Between these two milestones, there were versions for the Commodore VIC-20, MS-DOS, ZX Spectrum, Windows, Mac OS… If you go to Google Play or the App Store, you'll probably find a couple dozen different versions of Snake. It's hard to imagine a platform that doesn't have its own version of Snake. Why? On the one hand, it's an interesting game that is perfect for passing the time. On the other hand, Snake is simple enough to create on your own. See for yourself! Use Java to write your own version of this game about the adventures of a growing reptile. On CodeGym, we've already described every step, which will help a novice player handle this task without problems. Carry on!
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Level 1 , United States
yesterday, 14:26
Level 1 , United States
day before yesterday, 17:37
Level 1 , United States
21 May, 17:34
this is a rip off of snake game
Level 1 , United States
13 May, 12:19
Alaina Gomes
Level 1 , United States
6 May, 23:08
yes cool
cameron white
Level 1 , United States
13 April, 23:03
hi Anon
Alisa Zee Zee
Level 1 , United States
28 March, 20:02
This is a Real Game 🥵
Level 1 , United States
27 March, 15:55
i need help
27 March, 08:57
一个长而蛇形的生物滑过一个有限的领域,服从玩家的命令(向右、左、下、上移动)。 还有就是没办法阻止它移动。只是不要碰边界或者你会死的!别咬自己哦..。 好吧,你明白了。在这种情况下,这种生物遇到的食物会使它变得更长。随着它生长, 变得越来越狭窄..。别再疯狂了! 你可能认得这个著名的喜剧故事情节游戏“贪吃蛇”。这种游戏起源于20世纪70年代。 就在那时第一次出现在街机上。在21世纪,由诺基亚推广,它在几乎所有的服务器上预 装了Snake。 在这两个里程碑之间,有一些版本用于商品20,MS DOS,ZX谱, Windows,Mac OS.如果你去Google Play或AppStore,你可能会发现几十种不同版本 的贪吃蛇。很难想象没有自己版本的Snake平台。为什么?一方面,这是一个有趣的游戏, 非常适合打发时间。另一方面,Snake非常简单,您可以创造属于自己的贪吃蛇。你自己 看看!使用Java编写您自己的版本关于成长中的爬行动物冒险的游戏。在CodeGym上, 我们已经描述了每一步,这将帮助新手没有问题地处理这项任务。凯里加油!
Anonymous #10988764
Level 2 , Germany, Germany
26 April, 18:24
Anonymous #10968213
Level 1 , United States
27 March, 04:23
Hello I Am A New Coder Here Nice to Meet You All Wish You The Best