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Additional lessons for Level


In this level, you learned how to create your own methods and pass arguments to them. We also figured out what these public, protected, and private keywords mean before each method.

Everything seems clear and understandable enough, but if you have a desire to dig a little deeper in order to avoid confusion in the future, use this supplementary article: Access modifiers: private, protected, default, public.

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Level 19 , United Kingdom, United Kingdom
1 September 2022, 14:24
Remember, a variable must start with a letter, _, or & ;)
Level 20 , Zurich, Switzerland
24 August 2022, 08:55
Could you please add the correct solution when a question is wrong?
Level 28 , Israel
15 October 2022, 22:46
I have the same request. Thanks!
Bayesian Curl Sysadmin Expert
22 May, 05:33
Sali hoi :D
Level 23 , San Diego, United States
5 January 2022, 03:05
Decent quiz on understanding the basic structures of methods --- know the fundamentals cold