"Hi, Amigo!"

"Hi, Julio."

"You know, I started following your advice and googled everything you asked for. "It's true that the Internet has a lot of answers, including examples. I also found a cool website: SakOverlow. Or something like that."

"StackOverflow (http://stackoverflow.com/) is the largest website/forum for programmers to help programmers (including beginners!). You'll almost always receive detailed answers to your questions there, with examples included."

"StackOverflow has its own feature to search by topic."

"But you can always use Google to search the website."

"Yeah, I search using Google."

"Heh, heh. Oh, uh, I'm just laughing about something else. In Google's search box, type the following:"

  Example queries
1 site:stackoverflow.com java download file
2 site:stackoverflow.com java upload file
3 site:codegym.cc path of the programmer
4 site:dzone.com java how to download file

"If you want Google to search for something on a specific website, you need to use the prefix 'site:' followed by the name of the website in the search query"

"Here are a few things that you need to find on stackoverflow.com and other websites."

What you need to find: Where:
java string intern stackoverflow.com
java thread state stackoverflow.com
java hashset stackoverflow.com
java string intern dzone.com
java thread state dzone.com
java hashset dzone.com
java string intern oracle.com
java thread state oracle.com
Java home oracle.com
java hashset habr.com