"Hi, Amigo!"

"Hello, Captain Squirrels, sir!"

"We need an alternative communication channel in the event of a natural disaster."

"Is there something you're not telling me? What natural disaster?"

"Unlike civilians, we must always have a backup communication channel."


"It's not very reliable, and we don't have control over their servers. We'll write a chat client with its own blackjack... I mean, with its own server and clients!"

"And will it have a graphical interface?"

"If you do exactly what Agent IntelliJ IDEA tells you to do, then there will be a graphical interface."

"Wow, finally! Can I ask another question?"

"Too many questions. As a bonus exercise, you can write a bot to answer your own questions. "Move out!"

"Yes, sir!"

Big task: Writing a chat application in Java - 1