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CodeGym — Learning to program in Java

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What about a completely new approach to learning programming and education in general? Nothing like anything you've seen before. What about learning that has a goal, tools, and results?

I'm pleased to introduce a new online course for Java programming.

1. The learning is baked into an online game

You perform tasks and receive rewards. Nothing confusing or unusual here. The tasks include a lot of variety: reading code, solving problems, educational videos, fixing mistakes in code, adding new features, big tasks, writing games, and much more.

You might also have to write programs for your robot to fight with your friends in an "arena" or something.

2. Only the essential

To avoid making the course drag on for five years, I mercilessly eliminated everything merely useful and left only the absolutely essential. I analyzed dozens of job openings. The course includes everything that a Junior Java Developer needs to know to get a job.

3. Comprehensive training

The complete course consists of 500 mini-lessons and 1200(!) exercises. The tasks are small, but there are lots of them (lots and lots). In fact, it's the minimum you'll need to do to gain valuable experience.

There is also work in pairs, various games, big tasks, real projects, and other types of practice.

4. You can't complete the game without becoming a programmer

The course is divided into 40 levels. You can advance to the next level only if you have completed most of the tasks in the current level. From the small and easy to the big and very useful. Anyone who reaches the end will have accumulated 300-500 hours of practical experience. That's a serious bid for victory. And for employment.

5. Targeted preparation for a job interview

The last 10 levels are dedicated to resume writing, preparation for a job interview, and developing skills required for teamwork.

You may also be interested in the "five-year plan for programmer progress" and the "five-year roadmap for programmer possibilities".

6. You can perform the tasks right on the website

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This is very convenient and efficient. As soon as you've figured out a new task, you can immediately start completing your own by analogy. If you want to perform the tasks in an IDE, there's a plugin that lets you get a task in two clicks and submit it for verification in one click.

A lesson, plenty of examples, the ability to complete tasks right on the website or in an IDE – the gap between theory and practice has never been so small.

7. Instant task verification (less than a second)

Have you submitted work for review and had to wait a week because the person who had to check it is busy?

On CodeGym, you press "Run/Check" and get compilation results and/or task verification results in less than a second.

8. CodeGym loves it when you're on Facebook while you study

We have a CodeGym Facebook group, where you can discuss tasks, share your achievements with friends, watch educational videos, and ask for help.

9. Full coverage of the material

Our lessons include many links to various websites where you can read others' explanations. My goal is to be sure you understand the material, and not to make you just listen to me.

10. To become a programmer, all you need is your brain and a computer

It will take from 3 to 6 months, depending on how much time you dedicate to the exercises.

11 Support

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As you complete thousands of tasks, you'll definitely have questions. To help, we've created a special "Help" section, where you can ask your questions about tasks. Other CodeGym students, moderators, volunteers, or the website's founders will answer your questions.

12. Community

We believe there is power in unity. That's why we created a "Groups" section, where you can ask questions, discuss different topics, and share articles.

What's more, our community is the perfect place to find a job among people you know. Don't hesitate to ask smart questions and get smart answers. The more active you are in helping others, the better your chances that another community member will invite you to join his or her project.