Commands and your first program

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Commands and your first program

Commands and your first program,  level 1,  lesson 8
Commands and your first program
Commands and your first program
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Rakesh Tanku
Level 2 , Jakarta, India
23 November, 16:01
its nice
Sudheer Penujuri
Level 2 , CodeGym University in India, India
6 November, 18:22
Madhavi Mamidala
Level 1 , Delhi, India
3 November, 11:35
its nyc
pooja samal
Level 2 , India
29 October, 15:20
30 October, 15:21
great learning experience
Level 2 , Philippines
25 October, 10:45
Alex Buyanov
Level 47 , Netherlands
27 September, 19:58
I don't think that the answer to the "In Java, each variable has a:" is correct. Quiz thinks that the right answer is "name, type, and value". However, if we're talking about "each variable", I would say they guaranteed to have name and type, but not necessarily a value. For example, what is the value of non-initialized `int` variable?
Jevgenij Cesnakov
Level 2 , Netherlands
4 October, 23:46
All variables have some value in memory, even if they aren't initialized. For int type it can be null
Mayank Chandratre
Level 17 , India
25 September, 10:08
This Quiz and level was great. It Feels easy learning it in this way.
Level 2 , United Kingdom, United Kingdom
19 August, 20:03
Does anyone know any level 1s because I don't know what to do! Please send help I'm new
Ayush Sable
Level 2
3 September, 06:55
Hey! what happened need help I just passed level 1 , you need help regarding it I can help you if you want to
Level 6 , Iran, Islamic Republic of
15 August, 20:07
it very cool.
Level 2 , Germany, Germany
12 June, 08:11
yoo one shotXD