Minesweeper (Part 1/16)

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Let's write the entertaining Minesweeper game. Rules of the game: 1. The playing field is divided into adjacent cells (squares), some of which contain "mines". 2. The objective of the game is to clear the field, i.e. reveal all cells that don't contain mines. 3. If a cell with a mine is revealed
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Luca Menger
Level 0 , Germany
yesterday, 08:52
ching chang honki
Level 21 , San Diego, United States
26 February, 08:56
Runs fine now. Finicky to when there was an error. I fixed a typo and had to erase both the 1) basic cg IDE code and also 2) reset IntelliJ code to get success. Suggest you read thru some of the Help discussions -- you will see that the keyword *extends* is Class inheritance ( reusing some code ) -- in this case it's less obvious since the superclass or parent Class is hidden inside the package file that's imported -- right mouse click on the Class Tree tab over to the right to enter the Class file name into the user interface box -- it will load your code up
Kidus Kidane
Level 1 , Canada
21 February, 19:12
Lincoln Smith
Level 1 , United States
24 December 2022, 01:13
Can I have help I am on iPad
PRINCE ADEWOYIN LOVE of Ile-Ife kingdom Enterprise Java Developer
28 October 2022, 10:50
how do i import the game engine
Sidak Gujral
Level 2 , India, India
30 September 2022, 08:53
will somebody help me with this problem i have being seen a bit trouble while solving this problem
Anonymous #11081308
Level 3 , Phoenix, United States
21 September 2022, 19:40
How do I import game engine? I have MacBook Air.
Level 10 , Germany, Germany
28 August 2022, 18:03
I can't get the class extend to work right. I imported the game engine, but when i want to make the class minesweeperGame inherit the game class via extend it always gives me an error.
Elizah Zebrowski
Level 1 , United States
11 July 2022, 05:26
heyy SHAWTY this program is hard to use and understand wouldn't really recommend.
Anonymous #11028806
Level 1 , New Zealand
29 June 2022, 21:54