Minesweeper (Part 3/16)

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Because our game will use game objects (cells), we'll create a separate GameObject class to describe them. Let's think about what the game object needs. Naturally, we need its x and y coordinates on the playing field. And how can we get by without a constructor? After you do everything, don't forge
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Level 21 , San Diego, United States
4 March, 03:23
Seven attempts --- 1) see separate Class file and 2) where the Block { } closure is in my notes 2) right click on the file structure TAB is --- see the UI pop up to create the separate Class file which includes the 'initializer' in the code block -- it's not in main anymore alice
Level 21 , San Diego, United States
27 February, 22:01
It ran in IntelliJ taking into consideration the inheritance from the superclass -- the Parent -- in the package accessed -- might not look complete here but it runs fine now READ the Articles inside CodeGym like this: https://codegym.cc/groups/posts/182-java-game-programming-for-beginners-where-to-start
Jordi Claes
Level 17
25 March 2021, 10:34
When i try to run it from a main class i get the error that he cant find javafx.application.Application.. any ideas?
Level 41
26 March 2021, 07:55
Please post your question with the attached screenshots in the section Help. And give me a link (in PM).
Level 22
28 June 2020, 09:12
Is it a good practice to use setters in the constructor?