Minesweeper (Part 6/16)

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Now let's count the mines in adjacent cells. To do this, we'll add a field to each cell of the matrix, which will be responsible for the number of mined neighbors. First, we find all the neighbors, and then we count how many of them are mined. To get the list of neighbors, you now have the getNeigh
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Level 22 , San Diego, United States
4 March, 20:43
There is a bunch of HELP discussion this section but not in ONE place. Here https://codegym.cc/help/4092 and Here https://codegym.cc/help/4711 and Here too https://codegym.cc/help/15091 --- Codegym is not going to put all this all together and spoon feed anyone ! Programming is painful and an endurance race. Enjoy ASK Questions in the HELP section with your Code attached
Hiyo Full Stack Developer
12 January, 14:00
Yea the description in this game is so bad. The snake one was great but here it's so confusing. Why use "countMineNeighbors" name twice as a method in one class and a field in another? Sheesh... Also, "To get the list of neighbors, you now have the getNeighbors() method, which has one GameObject (cell) parameter"... Yeah that sounded to me like I have the method so I was confused, turns out I needed to define my own method lol
Javier Lucas QA Automation Engineer
26 August 2022, 08:49
I get an error saying that I am counting the mines in a box that is a mine, when just before counting the mines I specify that the box does not have a mine. Does anyone know what could be the problem?
Level 22 , San Diego, United States
4 March, 20:17
Check out the HELP Section >> https://codegym.cc/help/4122
Level 22 , Iasi, Romania
2 November 2021, 13:07
so everything was fine until level 5, where i wrote my own code with no problem, and when I start the level 6 my code is gone and have other code, i guess "the right one", plus the "getNeighbors" method which wasn't write by me. i don't say this code is bad, i'm saying is not mine. this should be a learning platform, what do we learn when somebody flushes our code and ask us to deal with some code wrote by somebody else and to pretend is ours?
Level 22 , San Diego, United States
4 March, 20:23
There is just no way to teach the details of logic without grinding. I agree that there is very little block by block 'Theory' going on in CG games for sure! Reading thru the HELP section is where the convo action is line by line --- I just reverse engineer stuff and step thru a lot of other code laying around. My 2 cents -- keep the change; The joy is in the struggle ... Piece together the Game puzzle over here --- https://codegym.cc/help/5137
Level 3
6 June 2021, 17:15
el último método en el nivel 6 con los arrays se me va de las manos. no me he enterado de nada
Level 2 , Poznań, Poland
10 April 2020, 09:40
Should I implemet getNeighbors() methos myself? Compiler can not find this method. com/codegym/games/minesweeper/part06/MinesweeperGame.java:35: error: cannot find symbol symbol: method getNeighbors(com.codegym.games.minesweeper.part06.GameObject) location: class com.codegym.games.minesweeper.part06.MinesweeperGame
Level 41
14 April 2020, 05:48
Please submit a question in the Help section via the task menu and don't forget to include your code. And give me a link in direct messages
Level 22 , San Diego, United States
4 March, 20:23
HELP section here --> https://codegym.cc/help/5137
Gabriella LaPlace
Level 16 , Basseterre, Saint Kitts and Nevis
28 February 2020, 14:25
I think this game is way more advanced than level 5, or my Math is just that bad.
Nickolas Johnson
Level 8 , St. Louis, United States of America
4 December 2020, 22:52
yeah, they threw in a bunch of advanced List stuff that's not touched on until level 8.
Level 22 , San Diego, United States
4 March, 20:26
Suggest looking thru HELP section bit by bit and you will see the pieces of the Game(s) discussed in detail to pull it together. No doubt pulling off all the logic is a challenge.
Level 3
2 August 2019, 08:55
Oh no!-----"It looks like you counted the number of adjacent mines for a cell that is a mine — don't do that."
Level 1 , Lodz, Poland
6 September 2019, 17:34