Minesweeper (Part 12/16)

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A cell can be revealed only once. If a cell is flagged, it must not be revealed. And, of course, cells shouldn't be revealed after the game has stopped. Account for all of these points in the openTile(int, int) method. Now you need to be sure that everything works correctly — start the game and che
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Mark Sudolcan
Level 4 , San Antonio, United States
19 March 2021, 03:41
Anyone else stuck on this task? I have a check for all the conditions that immediately returns, but the order of the conditions in the OR statements changes the outcome. If I list 'isGameStopped' as the first check, that test is marked as passing, but the others are marked as failing. If I move 'isGameStopped' later in the chain of or statements, nothing is marked as passing. I've verified in the debugger that all conditions do in fact hold (I will not reach a breakpoint after the check-and-return if any of the conditions are true, so it seems like the code does what is being asked. I even pulled down the correct solution and my code matches what is given in the diff. Not sure what's going on here..
Level 41
19 March 2021, 06:36
Please post your question with the attached solution in the section Help.