Racer (Part 9/28)

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Along the horizontal axis, the car can move right, left, or not at all. To indicate these directions, create a Direction enum with the following fields. RIGHT, LEFT, NONE. The player's car must have a field that stores the direction of motion (Direction direction). We'll access it through a getter
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Rithik Bhat
Level 14 , Hartford, United States
14 August 2020, 22:00
for the on keypress method int he RacerGame class it still says that my code is wrong for the last two conditions. Please help.
Level 41
17 August 2020, 05:30
Please refer to Help section at our course.
Mike Taylor
Level 13 , Auckland, New Zealand
9 February 2020, 01:13
All good except for increasing and decreasing x coordinate. Which variable holds this value?