Snake (Part 20/20)

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Congratulations! The game is done! Run it and see what happens. If you have time and motivation, you can improve the game by adding some features of your own. For example: • make the game easier or harder by changing the formula for accelerating turns; • change the scoring system so that it dep
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Nikhil Bodela
Level 3 , Hyderabad, India
18 July 2022, 00:52
passed all the levels but the game is not working.
12 May 2022, 16:00
I need help with my code. I don't know why not increase the size of the snake when it pick an apple.
Level 0 , China
3 June 2022, 08:43
if(newHead.x == apple.x && newHead.y == apple.y){
when the snake pick an apple, make the move (apple apple) method in the snake class not to call the removetail () method