Space Invaders (Part 31/34)

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Let's make the boss animate continuously. To do this, we need to give the setAnimatedView method an isLoopAnimation parameter responsible for indicating whether the animation should loop. This parameter is used to properly set the loopAnimation field. If the loopAnimation field is true, the nextFra
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Level 41 , Crefeld, Germany
25 January 2020, 14:02
The given arguments for the last instruction (setting the Boss class's constructor) in part 31 are wrong. The provided arguments in the description are: true, ShapeMatrix.KILL_BOSS_ANIMATION_FIRST, ShapeMatrix.KILL_BOSS_ANIMATION_SECOND The correct arguments however are: true, ShapeMatrix.BOSS_ANIMATION_FIRST, ShapeMatrix.BOSS_ANIMATION_SECOND
Level 41
31 January 2020, 08:36
Thanks, we'll fix it soon.