Nerd break

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The super secret CodeGym training center has both standard lessons and entertaining lessons. But we don't have them just for the sake of having them. They will teach you loads about your future field of employment! It's time to relax a bit and watch a video about your future colleagues.
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11 hours ago
Fantastic..I just love the concept and it really inspiring me to learn more about Java..
ChiragLevel 1 , Bhopal
Thursday, 04:52
Everybody need to learn how to code
JohnnyLevel 0
12 February, 23:59
loved their work environment
yordanosLevel 2 , Seattle
11 February, 03:31
Loved the video! Thanks
Richard MorrisLevel 3 , Pittsburgh
29 January, 02:39
Ha. Nerdy
Iveta StauneLevel 1 , Riga
28 January, 18:40
really really inspiring!!!! :) loved it
san mLevel 1 , Fairfax
25 January, 19:27
Sai Pavani NagisettyLevel 1 , Fullerton
24 January, 03:42
Its awesome
AilinLevel 3 , Saint Louis
21 January, 09:16
I litterally just fast forwarded the whole video and got my dark matter
Rohit kumarLevel 2 , Indore
17 January, 11:57