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The super secret CodeGym training center has both standard lessons and entertaining lessons. But we don't have them just for the sake of having them. They will teach you loads about your future field of employment! It's time to relax a bit and watch a video about your future colleagues.
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Anonymous #11004773
Level 2 , Northvale, India
yesterday, 16:34
Scuba Steve QA Automation Engineer
13 May, 23:56
Level 7 , Gortville, United States
9 March, 18:54
Level 3 , United Kingdom, United Kingdom
23 February, 13:17
Love it!
abukar sohaib
Level 3 , Dearborn, MI, USA
17 February, 23:50
i love this video!
Siyanda Dlamini
Level 7 , Durban, South Africa
15 February, 20:57
Yeah this code thing is pretty cool and it is a lot of power and power needs to be used responsibly. I live in South Africa and I never really new anything about code. However them explaining it in this way makes it seem more interesting and important in society. I just hope my country can benefit from this technology.
Level 8 , Scottsdale, United States
4 February, 06:01
I am have M.Tax -- then Columbia ... telecom protocols-- needed to crunch alot of numbers in semiconductors. haha Built crazy Excel macros and then Visual.basic. Built a website for a Tradeshow learning on Adobe Dreamweaver ! Learned CSS. Too much data -- learned MS Access / then SQL database design. Learned JavaScript after Netscape and read JavaScript Bible by Brendan Eich ... was hooked ! Learned PHP backend. Read books on Salesforce platform --- learned cloud Java / APEX. Learned some Redhat. Learned some nodeJS. Learned Ionic and Visualforce Front End UI design. Became a Salesforce platform stack / App Trainer ! Still studying to be an Architect 6 years later ! lol Learned Android Mobile devepment in Android Studio. Built 50 business utility Apps. Became a Google platform developer in Map / Places API )). Crazy ! Now I build fairly large Domains )) suck at Java ! ... Determined to learn a solid Java / C programming foundation for Unreal Engines gaming / AR / Film projects. Work with Game designers. Learned some C# ... really fun. Go for it ! Y O L O People )) making stuff is the secret ... be a builder just because you can
Sumit Bhattacharyya India at Tata
26 January, 19:12
watched the video twice but didn't got the grey matter .
John Squirrels Website Admin at CodeGym
2 February, 12:33
Make sure you watched till the very end of the video.
Level 2 , Shanghai, China
21 January, 12:14
Hey! There is no player display in my page. What can I do? By the way, I live in Shanghai.
John Squirrels Website Admin at CodeGym
21 January, 14:34
Try using VPN.
Level 2 , Shanghai, China
26 January, 10:57
Well, it works and i see the BIG G😂
Level 3 , United States
3 January, 22:17
I cant watch the video
Jonathan Knowles
Level 1 , Boston
4 January, 01:50