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The super secret CodeGym training center has both standard lessons and entertaining lessons. But we don't have them just for the sake of having them. They will teach you loads about your future field of employment! It's time to relax a bit and watch a video about your future colleagues.
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Muchemi MigwiLevel 0 , Nairobi
yesterday, 06:15
hello world from Nairobi..anyone interested in taking the journey together we form group for discussion you are welcome
ArtShannon HarrisonLevel 1 , Kerrville
day before yesterday, 20:21
SujathaLevel 0
Monday, 18:49
Tianyu QiLevel 1 , Hong Kong
Monday, 08:07
I watched the video but the task is still "availible" and I did not get the dark matter? Can someone please tell me what was wrong?
naveenkLevel 1 , Torrance
Sunday, 21:12
Sunday, 15:23
tanmay Level 2 , chandrapur
Saturday, 14:38
so nice to hear such great people talk
manjuLevel 0
13 June, 07:40
amazing to understand
Ryan JeavonsLevel 2 , Craignure
12 June, 18:02
"Programming is one of the only things in the world you can do where you can make something completely new from scratch" - Mark Zuckerberg
PraveeenLevel 1 , Chennai
12 June, 16:41
+ve vibes