I think being a programmer is cool

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If you don't think that being a programmer is cool, then you must not have tried it yet. It's time to give it a try by writing your first program. Use a screen output command to display a phrase that a CodeGym graduate once scratched on the hull of his spaceship: "I think being a programmer is cool".
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Level 1 , West Hills, United States
3 September, 01:57
rad dude
8 August, 15:58
yapamadım yahu
Anonymous #10775998
Level 1 , Fremont
26 July, 22:52
I think being a programmer is cool
22 July, 06:02
Narpat Singh
Level 0
15 July, 13:57
System.out. print("Hello World");
Ella Nevels
Level 0
13 July, 13:07
System.out.print(" I'm learning to code in Java")
Level 0
17 June, 18:48
don't stop...
10 June, 22:55
I like it
Level 1
9 June, 23:07
Level 1 , Charlotte, United States
18 April, 14:38
i'm just happy I'm starting to learn. I'm going to be a great programmer one day, baby steps first lol.