Kind words for the teacher

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Every teacher is top-notch at the secret CodeGym center. Students notice this from the outset (level 0), but they rarely say it out loud. But even a kitten likes a kind word, right? The best compliment for anyone who teaches programming is a program. And if the program also prints the correct phrase, it would be priceless! Let's write a program with a compliment.
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Anonymous #10815700
Level 1 , United States of America, United States
21 September, 15:12
I had in mind a for loop but did not know the execution so I went with a more elementary approach which was to create a String and print it for the desired number of times.
Prasanta Chakraborty
Level 1 , India
28 August, 20:52
research for your desired code but never cheat!
scriptKing madDog
15 August, 05:30
lol i just did
System.out.println("Ellie is clever\nEllie is clever\nEllie is clever\nEllie is clever\nEllie is clever");
31 July, 10:50
Joseph Fessehai
Level 1 , Grand Junction
14 July, 11:20
nice and clear
Level 1 , Durham, United States
22 May, 14:03
While loop
jhayvon adelan
Level 1 , Calamba, Philippines
14 May, 12:49
Level 0
10 May, 18:30
Easily done
22 April, 07:15
Can we do it with help of a loop
Level 1 , Delhi, India
4 May, 21:55
i was also thinking but then we need to use repeat keayword and all so this is easy for the time being
Akhil Raj
Level 0
9 April, 07:40
for loop it done with its