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Every teacher is top-notch at the secret CodeGym center. Students notice this from the outset (level 0), but they rarely say it out loud. But even a kitten likes a kind word, right? The best compliment for anyone who teaches programming is a program. And if the program also prints the correct phrase, it would be priceless! Let's write a program with a compliment.
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César.barrios.502@gmail.comLevel 1 , Guatemala City
16 August, 00:54
keep it up
Inder SandhuLevel 0
14 August, 04:04
Cy DofitasLevel 0
7 August, 02:28
very good for the beginner
ShashankLevel 1 , Delhi
14 July, 08:03
KamenriderJavaLevel 1 , Hanoi
25 June, 04:20
/* Comment has been deleted */
RomanLevel 41
25 June, 05:42
Posting the solution in the comments is prohibited.
Lilian Aduku Level 1 , Lagos
17 May, 11:30
hi in the code analysis i have a comment i don't understand "Missing a Javadoc comment.: Solution.java, line: 9, column: 5"
Santhu PawarLevel 0 , navi mumbai
7 April, 10:30
/* The comment was deleted */
RomanLevel 41
8 April, 06:10
Posting the solution in the comments is prohibited.
Renat MukhametshinLevel 11 , Pervouralsk
13 March, 11:55
ok, good
11 March, 05:25
please on the console do you are you to click on solution before you enter the input or you click on the run button then you enter your code
MohanrajLevel 2 , Chennai
1 January, 13:22
Your Online IDE is really Cool.... But We were able to execute the code only once without verification....
RomanLevel 41
2 January, 07:02
Why only once? You can click "Run (without verification)" button again and again, many times.
MohanrajLevel 2 , Chennai
6 January, 18:18
i tried the same.. But was not able to do it many times... For this task previously...