Kind words for the teacher

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Every teacher is top-notch at the secret CodeGym center. Students notice this from the outset (level 0), but they rarely say it out loud. But even a kitten likes a kind word, right? The best compliment for anyone who teaches programming is a program. And if the program also prints the correct phrase, it would be priceless! Let's write a program with a compliment.
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Hacko0xLevel 1 , Rio de Janeiro
20 hours ago
Took me 3 tries, cuz I'm a dum dum, but it's easy.
voltjimathyLevel 0 , London
25 June, 09:06
I did not understand that
tarini.sagiLevel 0
24 June, 14:04
JashanLevel 0 , Tracy
22 June, 05:19
I need help can anyone help
Monday, 15:32
ok so this is a little tricky but you need to write on line 9 string static void main( String [] args ){ witch that is the hardest part. so now you need to write the string message and repeat.
Mbah Romarick ForkwaLevel 1 , Pomona
26 May, 02:54
yehuda nishliLevel 1 , New York City
26 April, 23:30
Daniel JoubertLevel 1 , Centurion
22 April, 19:01
I thought of using a loop but then again why would Ellie expect that of Amigo is she hasnt learned that to him yet.
VivianLevel 1 , Huntington Beach
9 April, 05:24
i tried using x.repeat(n) to have it repeat 5 times but it didn't work
samssonLevel 0
5 April, 02:06
i am not understand what message means
DorothyLevel 1 , Kansas City
31 March, 16:24
I'm having a bit of trouble understanding