Kind words for the teacher

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Every teacher is top-notch at the secret CodeGym center. Students notice this from the outset (level 0), but they rarely say it out loud. But even a kitten likes a kind word, right? The best compliment for anyone who teaches programming is a program. And if the program also prints the correct phrase, it would be priceless! Let's write a program with a compliment.
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craig Level 1, Bournville, United Kingdom
Saturday, 10:10
Barbara Prado Level 1, Dunboyne, Ireland
1 January, 12:50
I used a for loop to achieve the answer
Matt Fowler Level 0
5 December 2020, 21:48
It would of made more sense to use
System.out.println( str.repeat(5) );
instead of typing
5 times.
Hass Level 0
1 November 2020, 13:41
M A D A M Level 1, Philippines
9 October 2020, 01:04
Dost M Level 0
29 September 2020, 16:50
Dilshodbek Fayzullayev Level 1, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
29 September 2020, 08:21
HUSSAIN GHAREEB Level 2, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
13 September 2020, 09:51
Yerrr Pierre Level 4, New Jersey, America
2 September 2020, 00:28
I decided to restart my account and start from the beginning. After completing a course on udemy and returning here, i could see the improvements i have made. im not where i wanna be but im on my way there. Anyone reading this, keep going dont give up. P.S a nice way to solve this is using a For-loop lol you'll learn that later on.
apro da pig Level 0
3 November 2020, 15:16
ye i used a for looop, but for some reason it isnnt working
27 August 2020, 19:10