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Not all comments are equally helpful! Sometimes they appear in the code when a programmer isn't sure about some line and wants to return to it later. For example, in this task we have one unnecessary comment that is making the program work incorrectly. Uncomment one line to get the correct result!
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Anonymous #10805067
Level 2 , Harrison, United States
20 September, 18:17
Level 0 , Portland
9 July, 23:23
Level 1
9 June, 22:43
Level 2 , United Kingdom, United Kingdom
9 June, 21:46
29 May, 04:39
You have to run the code in your "head" before you can pass. 😀😀
Level 2 , Dubai
9 May, 10:30
redefine x to 12 and y to 2 i know that's cheating but hey whoo cares
Josh Lee
Level 0
9 March, 04:11
nice challenge. Just see it as executing the code line by replacing each new variable. 😄😄😄😄😄
2 March, 10:00
I like that this challenge was introduced in the very basic steps. And I think it enforces practical thinking early enough. Good work Codegym
Kabwe Eugene
Level 1 , Makati, Philippines
16 February, 09:33
Its just about math! if you uncomment the second condition, the value of Y is becoming (x+y or 2+12) =14 then we minus X(2) then it will give us 12 as the value of X in line 16. Line 17 Y is 14 considering the condition in line 14 so 14 minus 12 which is the value of X in line 16 will give us 2. Hence 12 2
Level 5 , Slough, United Kingdom
5 October 2020, 12:54
I just don't get it, there are 2 comments anyway, I tried the first, it didn't work then the second one, it worked, I have the solution, but I don't how this works. Just waste of my time, as it is not explained how that worked.
18 October 2020, 19:57
You have to think the code is runing and getting processed line by line, from the top to the bottom one line at the time. If you do not uncomment any line, what happens? those commented lines are ignored, and the result is 2 and then 12 printed on the screen. So you have to, lets say, unblock or uncomment some code to get processed too, adding some extra, lets say, mathematic transformation to the original code which will twerk the result now printing firstly 12 and then 2.
Level 0
15 December 2020, 19:21
Or just remove the lower pair of slashes, either way, it workes.