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Not all comments are equally helpful! Sometimes they appear in the code when a programmer isn't sure about some line and wants to return to it later. For example, in this task we have one unnecessary comment that is making the program work incorrectly. Uncomment one line to get the correct result!
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Level 2 , Downers Grove, India
11 July, 13:04
i was confused without even seeing all lines there is no need to write new lines just remove commnt and the same line works man takes 5 attempts even though it was easy y = x + y is the key
Oli Writes Coding
Level 2 , Mexico, Mexico
23 May, 00:24
I was doing the reverse...
Level 3 , Harrison, United States
20 September 2021, 18:17
Level 0 , Portland
9 July 2021, 23:23
Level 1
9 June 2021, 22:43
Level 2 , United Kingdom, United Kingdom
9 June 2021, 21:46
29 May 2021, 04:39
You have to run the code in your "head" before you can pass. 😀😀
Level 2 , Dubai
9 May 2021, 10:30
redefine x to 12 and y to 2 i know that's cheating but hey whoo cares
Josh Lee
Level 0
9 March 2021, 04:11
nice challenge. Just see it as executing the code line by replacing each new variable. 😄😄😄😄😄
2 March 2021, 10:00
I like that this challenge was introduced in the very basic steps. And I think it enforces practical thinking early enough. Good work Codegym