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Not all comments are equally helpful! Sometimes they appear in the code when a programmer isn't sure about some line and wants to return to it later. For example, in this task we have one unnecessary comment that is making the program work incorrectly. Uncomment one line to get the correct result!
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nashinianshao yuLevel 0 , Douliu
yesterday, 14:38
haha, i think it's very easy. i'm encourged so much!
Mihai Daniel BoneLevel 1 , Bucharest
day before yesterday, 21:22
It was not that Hard.... but the logic behind yes.
Dennis J LaffertyLevel 0 , Rochester Hills
Tuesday, 22:59
now I get it
MD. IRFAN HOSSAINLevel 1 , Dhaka
26 October, 18:29
nice example like it
Paul SinghLevel 2 , Citrus Heights
25 October, 04:53
You need to work this puzzle out and pay close attention to the variables.
Siva Sankar VallepuLevel 1 , Vishakhapatnam
14 October, 09:41
julia SuchiLevel 3 , Sunnyvale
8 October, 17:54
/* Comment has been deleted */
RomanLevel 41
9 October, 06:27
Posting the solution in the comments is prohibited.
Diana JohnsonLevel 1 , Vansada
1 October, 17:31
wat does this comment // y=x*y mean
25 October, 01:31
You can see that on top int y has a value of 12 and x has a value of 2, so y * x simple means (12 x 2) and assigns that to y so now y has a value of 24.
30 September, 06:35
interesting subject
C Devendar goudLevel 1 , india
12 September, 09:53
super exicting