We solemnly publish and declare these variables...

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In Java, variables must be declared, i.e. we must allocate space for a specific variable type. Only after we have done this can we assign a specific value. It's nice that we can do this literally in one line. In this task, you have to declare several variables and immediately assign them values.
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Level 7 , Slovakia
24 September, 10:18
why is it a fail if i declare them outside of main()? its not specified where they should be declared
Manoj Rajbanshi
Level 1 , Daly City, United States
27 April, 16:06
Why is this still locked?
John Squirrels Website Admin at CodeGym
29 April, 15:18
Hi! In our Java course you have an opportunity to pass the introductory level 0 and the Games section for free. In order to continue learning one of our subscriptions is required. If you managed to earn enough Dark Matter units for solving tasks on Level 0, then you will be able to unlock new lectures on levels 1-2, until you run out of the Dark Matter units. However, the tasks from level 1 and onwards will be unavailable without a subscription.
Josh Lee
Level 0
9 March, 04:24
This task is still unlocked for me. How do i unlock it?
Level 0
23 February, 11:07
I complete all but this still locked. What is wrong?
Level 41 , Solar System
25 February, 08:16
what is locked?
Eh Der Lel
Level 0
3 February, 17:37
I complete all but this still locked
Level 41 , Solar System
4 February, 05:59
Open new lessons to activate new tasks.
Level 1 , Hanoi, Viet Nam
12 January, 12:45
can you show me how to unlock it??
John Squirrels Website Admin at CodeGym
14 January, 15:58
We could unlock it easily. Are you still gacing an issue?
Level 0 , Tehran, iran
5 December 2020, 10:14
I could not unlocked this task.
latrone Tewfresh
Level 0 , Orange
11 November 2020, 07:04
This is Cool!
Xi Yang
Level 2 , Seattle, United States
29 September 2020, 20:41
An error occurred during verification!! why??
Level 41
2 October 2020, 06:03
Please post your question with the attached solution in the section Help.
Level 0
5 August 2020, 17:58
how to unlock this lesson
Regina Support Team at CodeGym
6 August 2020, 14:39
You need to have the sufficient amount of the Dark Matter to unlock the lessons. The lessons must be unlocked one by one without skipping. Starting from level 1 the subscription is required.