I'm 15 again!

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You've got someone else's code in front of you. It's mysterious and incorrect. But programming power is concentrated in your hands. You can change everything, and the compiler will even help you with this task. What do you need to do to restore the delicate balance and peace? Just change the program so that the variable age takes the value 15.
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Level 11 , Scottsdale, United States
16 September 2021, 01:50
the age variable has a assigned value already declared // 1) probably over write that variable or 2) declare age variable assignment value (change it) again down the scope chain
anupam jha
Level 7 , India
20 October 2020, 12:36
can we declare variables in side class also? why only inside main method??
Level 1 , Dubai, United Arab Emirates
6 January 2020, 23:21
thanks i understood after seeing the hint
Tiffany Townsend
Level 2 , Fort Wayne, United States
19 October 2019, 15:51
This one actually got me for a moment. I was expecting it to be more difficult than it was. After figuring out the solution I see now that it was I who was misleading myself and not the description. Coding takes reading comprehension skills as much as it takes actually coding skills. Lesson learned. Nice one guys. I really enjoyed this one.
smaranika sahu
Level 5 , Pune, India
9 May 2019, 14:44
Nice trick
AShwini vijay Patil
Level 1 , Mumbai, India
1 January 2019, 12:01
please give me the answer about it
AShwini vijay Patil
Level 1 , Mumbai, India
1 January 2019, 12:04
i understood
vikas gupta
Level 3 , Bareilly, India
12 October 2018, 21:13
/* The comment was deleted */
Level 41
16 October 2018, 05:39
Posting the solution in the comments is prohibited.
Ketan Ramteke
Level 7 , Pune, India
29 September 2018, 19:56
Problem statement is very confusing.
ShirAz SiddiQui
Level 8 , Karachi, Pakistan
18 September 2018, 15:36
Can anyone help me solve this level? i dont know where is error in my code
Level 41
19 September 2018, 05:30
If you need help, something isn't right in your code, the server won't accept your solution (even if you are 100% sure that it is correct). Describe your question/issue in the HELP section at codegym.cc/help.