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The rule "Always read the terms of the contract!" seems simple enough, but so many people get burned because they don't follow it! But programmers are not like that. They always carefully study project conditions/specifications and only then do they draw conclusions, make plans, and start working. Let's practice a useful skill: we'll change the terms of the contract to be more favorable.
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Level 4 , France
25 May, 13:21
i don't understand why it asks me a "<identifier>" after the command println. Please help me
Level 8 , Columbus, United States
29 October 2022, 03:13
Make sure you use blank lines in your code and not \n like you easily could
Keon CEO
30 November 2021, 22:06
Help me i have been stuck in a movie theatre that only plays rango for 12 years
Level 22 , San Diego, United States
17 September 2021, 04:59
brutal repeating code -- clever blank line trick (see below) --- actually like looping again
Indranil Chakraborty
Level 3 , United Kingdom
28 August 2021, 16:38
I am embarrassed that it took me 23 go’s because I was writing third twice😑😅
Charles Mullin
Level 2 , Harrisburg, United States
10 May 2020, 05:45
I used System.out.println(""); and it worked akshat shrivastava
Richard Morris
Level 3 , Pittsburgh, United States
30 January 2020, 23:56
OK. Understood
Rebekah H
Level 8 , Gothenburg, Sweden
27 August 2019, 10:03
I used \n (och after each line except for the last one) for linebreaks and fail on "The text should consist of 9 lines (empty lines are also lines).". I count 9 lines in my output thou? I also get a message saying "It looks like you forgot to display blank lines. You can output an empty line to the console like this: System.out.println(""); or like this: System.out.println(); ", but I have blank lines, unless the space in the lines counts makes them not blank, but they are included in the text on the left?
Level 41
28 August 2019, 06:43
Spaces has been deleted from output example. Thanks.
Level 4 , rishikesh, india
19 July 2019, 10:44
my code is right giving the perfect output according to question need but it shows 9 lines is a mistake please check your verification techniques. thanks

Gabriella LaPlace
Level 16 , Basseterre, Saint Kitts and Nevis
29 June 2019, 20:57
I would have got this correct but I thought that he had to look exactly like what it asked us to display, not but a whole sentence as one line.