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Inexperienced and, at times, experienced programmers create superfluous code. Just in case. For example, they may declare a couple dozen variables and then not know what to do with them. In this task, someone did something weird, and we get to correct it. Look for unused variables and convert them to comments in order to hide from the compiler.
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JabedLevel 2 , Detroit
11 September, 14:12
Should automatically generate new similar task after checking the hint for better learning!
YuanLevel 3 , Beijing
16 June, 04:59
Why the result is "53.010babs10", not "5310babs10" ???
yehuda bLevel 5 , Beersheba
12 November, 21:22
Because variable c is a double and doubles are numbers with decimal points, so the variable will always store the value of 53.0 automatically.
ManideepLevel 2 , Noida
18 March, 06:59
where should i comment the unused variables
Adnan SamiLevel 3 , Karachi
6 February, 10:07
done !!!
Darshan SPLevel 2 , Mysuru
4 February, 10:13
25 November 2018, 17:11
Finally with help ...I have satisfied this task....pay attention to the details,,,,lesson learned
vikas guptaLevel 3 , Bareilly
12 October 2018, 21:47
/* The comment was deleted */
RomanLevel 41
16 October 2018, 05:42
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